The Sunai is a species of monsters in Verity. They are the most destructive and most rare, with only four Sunai ever coming into existence. They live in Henry Flynn's section of V-City, in the Flynn Compound


Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal,

Sing you a song and steal your soul.

Sunai are born of mass-devastation (such as mass homicide), and they look entirely human. Instead of feeding on flesh and blood, they feed on the souls of sinners, people who have committed acts of violence and have created monsters. The Sunai have two distincive kinds of markings. Their eyes are gray, and when a picture of a Sunai is taken, their eyes look smeared black. The other marking is the marks on their skin, counting the days since they've "gone dark", which is when they lose touch of their humanity and cause mass destruction to everything and everyone around them. They have two distinct forms that usually don't cross: human and devil.[1]

Often when re-remerge from going dark, they report having felt like they've lost a bit of their humanity, a bit of their soul. Some Sunai-such as August, resist this, and take satisfaction in going long periods without going dark. Other Sunai, like Leo, enjoy going dark, and become cold and calculated, seemingly devoid of warmth and affection.

The Sunai kill people and harvest them through music- a popular theory is that when a Sunai first awakens as a Sunai, after having been killed as a human, the first piece of music they hear will influence what instrument they use to channel their abilities. For example, August first heard classical music upon awakening, and so he uses a violin.

The Sunai will go dark if they go too long without feeding. Some Sunai readily accept their need for feeding, whereas others don't. For example, in This Savage Song, August tries to go as long as possible without feeding-however, he is aware of what the consequences would be if he leaves it for too long.

The Sunai all live in the Flynn compound. This compound appears to be quite a large building, as in This Savage Song, August reports hearing the "layered noise of voices" from nineteen floors beneath him-suggesting the compond is at the very least 20 floors in height. The Sunai seem to rarely ever leave the compound-August mentions being homeschooled, or "self-schooled."

Each Sunai appears to be quite different in personality. Auguust is shy, philosophical and tentative, Ilsa is scattered, sweet and prone to have a wondering mind, Leo is cold and seemingly unfeeling, and Soro appears quite closed off from any affection, being quite practical.

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