Soro Flynn is a Sunai and the adoptive child of Henry and Emily Flynn.


Born from a "voluntary" massacre, they reflect the nature of their catalyst.[1] Not only does Soro possess an unshakeable resolve, they also strongly believe that exist solely to exterminate monsters and their creators. Soro takes pride in their ability to hunt with incredible technique.[2] Due to their resolute nature, the air around Soro is like that of a storm.[3]

Appearance Edit

Soro is tall and lean, with pale skin — marked with small black X's — and silver hair that can change their face depending on how it falls. They have delicate cheekbones, but a strong brow, under which are flat, colourless grey eyes.[4] Despite being the youngest of the Sunai, they look older than both Ilsa and August. Overall, they appear androgynous and prefer gender-neutral pronouns.[5]

Catalyst Edit

The self-named Soro was born from a suicide mission executed by a group called the Human Power Corp (HPC). The group raided a weapons cache and decided to bomb the subway tunnels in an attempt to kill some of the city's monsters. They decided to use themselves as bait to lure in several Malchai since killing Corsai — shadows — would be more difficult. After the mission, those monsters, along with twenty-nine humans, were killed and a stretch of the North City underground collapsed. Soro's instrument of choice is the flute because they first heard the classical music Callum Harker chose to play in the subways.[1]

Relationships Edit

August Flynn Edit

Soro regards August with a mixture of caution and deference similar to how he used to look at Leo.[5] They dislike how he chooses to consort with a criminal, but respect him nonetheless.[3] Soro acknowledges August as a brother.

Ilsa Flynn Edit

Soro treats Ilsa as if she were a ticking bomb.[5] The two do not interact enough to gauge any more of their relationship.

Kate Harker Edit

Since their first meeting, after Kate fought against a group of Fangs onto the right side of the Seam, Soro held contempt for her as she is a sinner.[4] They were disgusted by her red soul and refused to let Kate into South City alive even after she asserted she had information.[6] Only after August ordered them to stop did Soro relent, albeit reluctantly.[7]

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