August Flynn is the third Sunai to ever be created and the adopted son of Henry and Emily Flynn.

After he killed his brother Leo Flynn, August became the leader of the Flynn Task Force.

Physical description

He has dark hair with curls that fall over his pale, grey eyes. But his eyes turn black as it is the true form of Sunai, when a picture is taken of him up front and when he feeds. He also has dimples which a woman at Colton High comments to be the reason they'll "eat him up".



August first found himself in a cafeteria after a shooting there. He was given some cookies and juice to eat, but it all tasted like ash so he gave it to a man. When he did that he accidentally reaped his soul, the first soul that August ever reaped. He was then taken in by Henry and Emily Flynn, where he found two other Sunai like him named Leo Flynn and Ilsa Flynn.


This Savage Song

Our Dark Duet



lsa is August's sister and very close to her. He has grown up with her since he was twelve. He relied on her a lot, and when he was mad or stressed at Leo he would always talk to her. When she was kidnapped he grieved her loss only to find that she is alive, only that she can no longer speak. In Our Dark Duet when August becomes the head of the FTF Isla becomes very disappointed in the new August, but never pushes him away. When Isla died August was very sad, already burdened with the loss of Kate.

Leo is August's brother. Leo often is annoyed by August's dislike of reaping souls. Leo goes into league with Sloan, abandoning the FTF. He tries with Sloan to kill Kate and fails. When Sloan tries to kill August Leo gets very mad and puts a pole through Sloan's back attempting to kill him. August then goes dark and reaps Leo's soul. Leo still talks to August in his head sometimes.


August met Kate at Colton, a private school located within North City. He often went outside to find her on the bleachers. He often joined her until she asked him to play his violin. Then he stopped coming for a while. Eventually, Kate is attacked by some monsters and August saves her life. The two uncover a conspiracy plot and flee the city becoming very close friends. They are apart for most of Our Dark Duet.

Skills and abilities




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